Junior Toddler Fibre Safety Mattress

Colour: White
Material: Foam

Junior Toddler Fibre Safety Mattress

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This Junior fibre corovin safety mattress is made with high density polyesther pad to comply with Government Regulations of Ignition and comes with all the relevant BS standards! It is free from antimony, phosphorous or arsenic fire retardant chemicals. Always ensure a good close fit of the mattress in the cot. Air all bedding, in particular the mattress, as frequently as possible. Mattresses are breathe through. The cover is fully overlocked and is made from corovin fabric. Also the cover can easily be removed for washing by means of the zip. Hand wash or gentle machine wash (maximum 60 degrees) in a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. It is recommended that you turn your mattress frequently.

  • Kidsaw Junior Fibre Safety Mattress
  • Medium comfort support


WIDTH (cm) LENGTH (cm) HEIGHT (cm)
70 140 43656