Clarity (Black)

Colour: Black
Material: Polycarbonate
SKU: 6908BLK

Clarity (Black)

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It doesn't come any tougher or more versatile that the Teknik Office Clarity chair in Black. Solid in appearance as well as structure, we can assure you that the durability of this product is second to none! Designed by Roberto Cantarutti, this is a single piece stacking design suitable for severe use and tested to level EN1022/10728/157373. You can throw this from a 30 foot wall and the chair would be fine - if that is how you want to treat it in your work or leisure time anyway! Thanks to its modern and iconic design, this chair is suitable for all contract environments and public areas. Sold in packs of 4 and available in a solid white or black finish or a transluscent clear or smoked effect, feel free to throw them all off a building and then sit on them afterwards, unscathed!

  • Modern iconic styling
  • Designed by Roberto Cantarutti; 'Single piece' stacking design
  • Sturdy build - to level EN1022/10728/157373 (severe use)


WIDTH (cm) LENGTH (cm) HEIGHT (cm)
45 46 39