Canal Heights 4 Shelf Bookcase

Colour: Beige
Material: Metal
SKU: 5419228

Canal Heights 4 Shelf Bookcase

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The Teknik Office Canal Heights 4 Shelf Bookcase is our decorative and minimalist design option for any room in the home. This durable yet sleek looking bookcase provides a spacious and versatile platform for a miscellany of household items. The 1" thick four shelves can hold audio/video equipment, display items, collectibles, CDs, DVDS, plants, photos, practically anything you want it to! The sturdy powder-coated black metal rear crossbar frame coupled with the neutral coloured northern oak finish top ensure it's an ideal match for all rooms and colour schemes. It also has the added benefit of being finished on all sides for versatile placement within your home or office. There are also co-ordinating furniture items under the Canal Heights Range that will complement this Bookcase.

  • Northern Oak Finish, neutral shade suitable for all home decor
  • Spacious four 1" thick shelves for multiple use and storage
  • Sleek decorative powder-coated black metal frame


WIDTH (cm) LENGTH (cm) HEIGHT (cm)
75 39.4 177.8